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At Epic Polymer Solutions, we have the expertise to provide high reliability, high performance cable cores within industry-leading turnaround times. We manufactured the 32 AWG GBit twinaxial primaries as components for an RF parallel pair shielded cable for a next-generation mainframe server mass data storage application.

Requirements included polypropylene coated 3201 silver and tin plated copper wire with greater than 95% concentricity so we developed a tightly controlled and supervised melt extrusion process in order to achieve accuracy of ±0.00025 inches. We also designed specialized pressure tooling that created a smooth finish and eliminated tip clogs from the tin plated wire. In-process inspections using precision laser gauging equipment monitored the incoming wire diameter and coated wire diameter, as well as its ovality and concentricity, while integrated Fast Fourier Transform software allowed us to measure structural return loss. We also performed various other quality assurance processes including capacitance testing, strip force measurement, and pinhole detection.

SPC reports validated that we achieved concentricity greater than 95% and ovality less than 0.0003” on the coated wires, which would allow a nearly perfect signal to pass through. This product meets Infiniband, Fibrechannel, QSFP, and QSFP+ standards.

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Sample Project :

Product Name: 32 AWG GBit Twinax Primaries

Product Description: Polypropylene insulated copper wire for an RF parallel pair shielded cable for next generation Mainframe server mass data storage systems.

Capabilities Applied/Processes:

  •  Primary: Melt extruded wire coating

  •  Secondary: Fast Fourier Transform (FFT/SRL)

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Extruder, Incoming wire laser OD gauge, Coated wire OD gauge, Ultra short electrode length capacitance gauge, Closed loop wire tension control system, Integrated Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)/Structural Return Loss (SRL) Software, Ecentricity Gage, Flaw detection, Spark tester

Overall Part Dimensions: .0250” OD coated 3201 Silver and Tin Plated Copper

Tightest Tolerances: +/- 0.00025

Materials Used: Polypropylene

In process testing/inspection performed: Incoming wire diameter, Coated wire diameter, Ovality, Capacitance, Concentricity, Pinhole detection, Structural return loss (SRL), Strip Force

Industry for Use: Computer mainframe mass data storage

Delivery Location: Worldwide