Epic Polymer Solutions’ specialization in monofilament extrusions is unique in the custom industrial plastics industry. With our many years of experience, Epic has refined the continuous extrusion processes for melt spun fibers, rods, profiles, and tubing to the tightest tolerances in the industry. Epic Polymer can create PFA, FEP, ETFE, and PVDF fluoropolymer extrusions. We are also experienced in extruding thermoplastics like nylon, PVC, LLDPE, and XLDPE materials-to name only a few. Our cable fillers, synthetic fibers, and tubing are manufactured in our ISO-compliant facility to diameters of 35 microns to 0.125″.

Statistical process control guarantees the integrity of all extruded products, backed up by laser micrometer inspections capable of measuring the continuous process. Testing for shrinkage and tensile strength is done throughout the process to ensure the product remains in spec. The typical applications for these products range from cable fillers for plenum cables, air spaced coax cores, and filtration media for use in different industries.

Our streamlined processes enable us to offer a quick turnaround for either small volume or large production runs.

When you need a monofilament extruded plastic part that you thought no one could or would manufacture, think again, and contact Epic Polymer Solutions.