We are a North American based ISO 9001:2015 certified company that specializes in melt spinning and the extrusion of monofilaments, fibers, and coated substrates. Our products are used in various industries including Aerospace, Auto, Filtration, Data, Technical Fabrics, and Wire and Cable. We offer toll and contract manufacturing services. All of our manufacturing operations are located in the United States.  

While below is a quick summary of our products, we invest thought and effort into building a company culture that is based on a few core beliefs and values. Who we are as a company consists of innovative quality products and a strong company culture that promotes doing better and doing right by our Customers, Employees, and the Environment. We pride ourselves in building a company culture that puts quality and the success of our Customers at the top of everyone's agenda. We believe in taking care of and investing in our Employees. We strive to be more sustainable by using resources more efficiently, finding ways to lower our impact on the Environment and wasting less in our operations. Who we are is just as important as what we do.


We offer superior custom products with minimum lead time. Our products are manufactured to each Customer's particular engineering specifications. We can extrude monofilaments, different profile shapes, and coat various substrates including wire, fiber-optic buffer coatings, and cable jackets. We also provide lab work and research and development services for new product. We pride ourselves on our ability to hold tolerances that exceed industry standards. We know that one size does not fit all, and we are able to use our knowledge and capabilities to create custom solutions to fit Customer needs. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to operate responsibly, continuously improve, and provide our Customers with effective solutions in the form of high quality products.


We at Epic Polymer Solutions, LLC share a core belief that anything worth doing is worth doing well. We became ISO 9001:2015 certified in 2018 as a testament of our commitment to our core beliefs and our Customers. The certification not only improved our internal processes but assists in compliance reporting and assures our customers that we meet their quality standards. In addition to our quality management system, our climate controlled facility is equipped with advanced gauging systems to monitor the manufacturing process.