While we have our standard products, most of our work is unique and according to each industry's specifications. Products can be various colors as requested. Let us know what your requirements are and we'll find a product that can look and perform the way you need it to.


Textile and Weaving Fiber

Our monofilaments can be woven into industrial cloths and filters and can include processing aides. Filaments can be manufactured with a diameter down to 35 Microns. Tensile strength and other tolerances such as shrinkage and elongation can be adjusted to meet various needs. Other uses for our fibers include musical instrument strings, fabric and high temp brush bristles.


Fillers and Rods

Diameter of rods and fillers go up to 0.25 inches. Profiles are dependent on customer needs and can be any shape (round, oval, square, etc). We manufacture various fillers to different specifications. Tensile strength and other tolerances such as shrinkage and elongation can vary based on need.


Special Projects

Epic Polymer Solutions provides the gamut of solutions to eliminate your downtime, including a full in-house machine shop for making tooling and custom equipment. In addition to standard products we love getting special requests. Wondering if we can make something? Send us an email and ask!


Wire and Cable Products

Data Cables and Cable Jacketing

We produce cable primaries out of high purity fluoropolymers and wire gauge ranging from 22 to 46 AWG. Our equipment is capable of measuring FFT and SRL greater than 50 GHz to ensure data integrity with concentricity held at greater than 95%. Our capabilities include thin walled jackets of shielded coax and twin-ax cables.

Research and Development

Lab Work and Development

We use our many years of experience in the industry to help our customers with new product development and act as a secondary R&D lab. With an on-site machine shop we can create tooling and make adjustments to processes as needed. Being a one stop shop helps us minimize lead times and cost.